ROM : The Space Knight (Commercial, 1979)


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David H. dijo...

looks like you got my email. this is actually the ROM toy commercial that i remember from when i was a kid. too bad there wasn't a version of this commercial in Espanol huh?

Bruce dijo...

It would be odd, because this toy did not get around here :p

David H. dijo...

yeah and it probably didn't make it even to Mexico. which explains why the commercial was never made into Espanol :)
wait until you see what i post next in a couple of days amigo! also, i bought something on Ebay yesterday to post about on the ROM blog but that will came later of course. plus i'm having my local comic shop find a New Warriors back issue that has to do with Turbo and the Dire Wraith queen Volx. i'm hoping when i get that it too will make for a good posting, especially for those who like The Torpedo.